Friday, February 27, 2009

Aahaa Kaapi Klub with Chennai City Corporation Commissioner

was a huge hit. The Commissioner, Mr Rajesh Lakhani, (not Lakhoni please) said he had never faced so many calls before. He probably spoke to about 60 people on the show today. As for the comments that have been registered here, I shall be forwarding them to the Commissioner immediately.
One thing that I noticed was, as soon as he took calls and the songs went on air, he utilized that time to call his people and act on the issues immediately. And before the show was over we had one caller who conveyed his thanks saying his issue was promptly addressed and that the AE had called.
As for the spitting and littering, the thing he said was if the people of Chennai decided to keep it clean then no one can stop them. Now what do you think does? As citizens, if we see someone spitting on the roads, lets make sure to tell them not to, even if we are abused in return.
Our forefathers went to prison and had to face so many atrocities to make India free. Don't you think you can take just a few retorts to see our city cleaner?

Anyway, if you have issues, make sure you go to


Jayamurugan said...

Good Effort Chinmayi..
We will tell the people who are spitting or littering politely and hope for a healthier Chennai tomorrow..

By the way, did you had a chance to feel the oscars statuette when you wished ARRahman personally yesterday?

பிரியமுடன்... said...

சென்னை சுத்தமாக இருக்க ஒரு
சின்ன வழி சொல்கிறேன் ஆனால்
யாரும் சண்டைக்கு வரக்கூடாது
சின்னதா ஒரு சுனாமி....
எனக்கு பிடித்தவர்களும் அங்கே!

Maddy said...

I fully agree with his statement

""As for the spitting and littering, the thing he said was if the people of Chennai decided to keep it clean then no one can stop them.""

Every thing should start from individual. Being in the Gulf for quite sometime I do understand how it works collectively ( Of course,it all happens here with heavy penalties etc, but over a period of time the responsibility comes to us automatically to keep the city clean)

In India,When we want to do something in any offices, we always try to find shortcuts, but generally blame officials and politicians for bribe and wrongdoings. If we change a bit of ourselves,for sure we can see a sea change.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Chinamayi. I was listening to the radio till I got to work around 9:15. I wasn't sure if my question was goig to be asked as I had posted my question on your blog. Good to know that you have sent them direct to him. I hope he has a solution to the TASMAC menace.
HS, Ranganathan Street, Ganesh Nagar, Guindy.

Ranga said...

As Pattukottai Kalyanasundaram wrote in yesteryear film "Thirudanai parthu thirunthavital thiruttai ozhika mudiyathu", if people don't realise that it is our responsibility to keep our city clean.. well, it is never going to be clean.

Similarly, anything anti-social (e.g. corruption, bribe) cannot or will not be eradicated until people themselves realize it is wrong.

I believe people who pays money to make things happen/faster is also corrupt.

I guess this is a topic that can be discussed/debated for months. We discussed this issue within our friends for well over 2 hours a year back if am right and still I wasn't able to convince my friends that paying money to make this happen was wrong. Until this is realized as something wrong people who get money has no problems.

One thing people should realize is that they are preventing or obstructing the opportunity to someone who doesn't have money or someone who doesn't want to bribe.

So, to conclude if I am not able to convince my own friends how to you expect a stranger (one who spits or litters) in the street to even listen to what I say?

That's why law enforcement is required in addition to awareness.

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Wow...that's amazing !!

Can you have him everyday in your show please? Just kidding !!!

Thinking Hat said...

Nice work.. I found the chennai corporation website to be very useful.. I feel it could have more info like list of schools and colleges in chennai too

TCGirivasan@Vasan, Puducherry said...

Hi Chinmayee

Great effort. I was born and brought up in Chennai. But for the last few years I have been in Pondicherry and Hyderabad. Both Byd and Pondicherry are great places to live. Clean. Pondihcerry is much greener and has a serene atmosphere. But Chennai has become a very bad place to live. Dirty, chaotic, congested, indisciplined traffic, pollution and rude people.

Great efforts. Best of Luck

Vinod Sundaram said...

wow...super.. instant response from the commissioner is commendable.. :)

Anonymous said...

We can also think in different way like if people are provided with Prizes and Gifts for their street cleanliness can see some positive actions, because the day today life going on by announcing free Gifts for each and every things where most people are crowded there.
May be this seems to be funny but this is the real fact.

Am I Correct???


பட்டாம்பூச்சி said...

I am missing that show verrrrrrry much Chinnu.

Raghu said...

Dear Chinmayi,

At the outset, my hearfelt appreciation and best wishes for the continued success of your program. A couple of months ago , I spoke to you on air and mentioned that you choose very good topics for dicussion but it would be good that if all the good suggestions from public are collated and then passed on to the relevant authorities.

Now, you have gone one step further and are bringing senior authorities from different depts to your studio and make them interact with the public. This is excellent stuff and deserved to be commended. However I have got one major grouse. It is next to impossible to get through your line. I am really surprised how Velachery Raghavan gets the connection almost every day. I desparately wanted to come on air on two occassions 1) when Mr.Natraj Prisons DGP 2) Corp Commr.Mr.Rajesh Lakhani had come to your studios. I was trying continously for 45 minutes on both the days but bad luck.

Can i request you to pass on one suggestion to Mr.Rajesh Lakhani and post his response in this blog whenever possible.

Can Chennai Corporation take one or two roads in Chennai and build model platforms for pedestrians on based International models like Singapore or US etc. Some key points to be considered are
1) The platforms should be at the same level and not going up and down every five or ten feet whenever there is a entrance to a building or a residence. they should lay the platform on a continous stretch including entrances to buildings and provide slopes so that the vehicles can get inside and outside. This way people dont have to climb up and down on the platform and enjoy a smoother walking experience.

2. Remove Telephone junction boxes, Dustbins, electrical junction boxes etc and make the platforms walker friendly .

If the above two are done, it would be a starting point for beautification of chennai city and also reduce inconvenience for walkers mostly blind people who struggle to navigate their way across. Every day is a bonus for them if they manage to reach their destination safely without getting hurt.

Thanks, Raghu

yeskay said...

"Our forefathers went to prison and had to face so many atrocities to make India free. Don't you think you can take just a few retorts to see our city cleaner?"

well said. thats what exactly i think and do whenever i say ppl not to throw waste on the roads or urinate near transformers or while asking them not to spit on the roads.