Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Mediocrity and etc

Happened to read the interview by Sri Kamal Haasan with this killer line "Don't make mediocrity a standard". Finally someone came out to say it. And finally someone has given a statement like that and I believe it needs someone of his stature to say so. To get someone to do better than they think they can.
The battle with mediocrity is one of the biggest to wage and its an ongoing process. Especially when mediocrity is the majority and sometimes they become the people setting the rules. And perhaps that's also why the society today is weirded out but as gen next is asking questions change is impending.
Maybe ignorance is bliss, I have been stupefied at the way a lot of people hang on to weird beliefs just because they are dead sure that it is a fact and go about propagating it.
I can say this - if you are not one among the masses, in anything, thoughts, actions, way you want to live your life, even the simplest thing - life is definitely not easy. Like they say the tree that bears fruit gets pelted the most.
And I believe that most of the people that I have met are thankfully not of the mediocre category. That's probably why my wits are still about me, but at the times that I have run into some, its been a gut wrenching, hair splitting time.
I shall just wish for you, that you never come across such instances or people. May you meet effective, accountable, inspiring people who belong to the stellar category. Those who inspire you to set new standards for yourself. Not too many things in this world are as inspirational.
And yes do read that interview in TOI dated yesterday


Bala said...

Was going throught the interview yesterday... it was a very good one... In most of the Kamal Hassan's interview, we could see his temperament and boldnesss to speak what he feels..

Even me not being an atheist, I just love his views as an atheist... It really needs a lot of courage to say what he thinks... This man has this courage...

Naren's said...

sans kamal.mediocrity is there everywhere and fighting mediocrity of self and of those around is always part of human struggle..and i always quote this real good point i read somewhere sometime.. "the frustration caused of ones' own mediocrity is endless"....perfect truth that....with no intention of stirring any debate kamal is a peculiar case indeed...having created a standard he does churn mediocrity at regular gap.....

Raymond said...


Utthra said...

I'd rather blame it on the people who bother to define what mediocre standards are and refrain from interacting with the so called 'mediocre' mass . Why dont these people step out, and educate the mediocre crowd as to what lacks in them? I think the elite few, are largely responsible for creating an educated mass, be it in art or society. An artiste for example, has the responsibility to create an educated audience who can appreciate good art and not just gimmicks

Chinmayi Sripada said...

Naren: totally agree.. rising above one's own mediocrity is the biggest battle
Uthra: art is experienced. Not educated. Mediocrity is pretty well defined by Mr KH. I would say. Maybe to rise above mediocrity also has to do with hard work and there are not too many people willing to do so.

Utthra said...

Thats true. But I guess more than hardwork, its the exposure to the right kind of things at the right time that helps develop a good taste

Chinmayi Sripada said...

Wherein I'd like to say that the horse can be taken to the pond, but cannot be forced to drink. There is enough culture and more in this city and there are enough people to teach. Most people want some sort of a ROI model with whatever they learn. Unless that changes mediocrity will probably flourish

Anonymous said...

The Divine has given everything in equal amount. Mediocrity is also one of them but of course, glorifying it in the presence of greatness would be a disgrace. But I believe that mediocrity can not be discouraged as well and everything has its space in this wide world.


SHAN said...

Hi Cinmayi,
When is your next TV show ?
We all egarly waiting fot that?Regards,

Chinmayi Sripada said...

Venkat: maybe it should be.. we probably should justify this time that we call life... Like they say, the creator has given you the gift of life, and what you make of it is your gift back to the creator. And yes you are right too. Everything has its place.

ranga said...

I assume as long as mediocre people are "Striving to excel" or "trying to make the most of what the talent or skill set that have been given to them" it is okay, even if they do not get that excellent result every time.

I assume that it is the mediocrity in the effort people put in their field of choice that Kamal was talking of in his interview and you in your blog. Anyway my 2 cents on the topic.

Utthra said...

Chinmayi: I can partially agree with you, but I still think thats not all. There are plenty of teachers and opportunities. (Quite many of them being mediocre as well) If one doesnt get the right guide to direct him/her to the right pond that has pure water, the talent is wasted. I have seen plenty of talents and people willing to work hard, but have not come up because they simply were not lucky enough to get the right direction and have been subjected to mediocrity. A lot can be done to help it, atleast in the music field, just I have no idea what now, but hopefully it will dawn someday :). People like you could make a big difference :)

Sree vidya said...

Here is the link

AshWin said...

I m avid TOI reader.. even though
I m from "Hindu Chennai " ..

Great statement, but never forget he is atheist, and if i m not wrong ,Some well known personality said that Kamal 's greatest strength is his extreme confidence on himself ..than divine stuff ..

but statement itself is real adrenaline to youngsters like us..
and no Candy,his confidence is contagious ...

Shiva S K said...

Dear Miss. Chinmayi..
gr8 post..
i too ve bin thinkin for quite a while about all this mediocrity and so called conventions and norms of this so called SOCIETY..
its just that ppl have come to liv wid mediocrity and not jus tat.. they ve practised to ridicule and criticise anybody who does not accept to be mediocre, thus protecting their self ego!..
anybody who tries to come over it is mocked at..
i was seein tis movie called revolutionary road last week and for a second, i thought as whether i cud watch d same movie, wid a similar atmosphere and audience, in a normal theatre in India amongst masses unless its a top- class multiplex..
ppl find it convenient to live wid mediocrity bcos it doesnt require thinking or using the brain 4 tat matter!!
ppl are not ready to evolve at all!!
not jus tat, ppl also seem to derive a sadistic pleasure by interfering into and criticising others' lives in the name of morals, as though they ve achieved everythin in their lives!!
hw many of us hav to liv with b afraid of these prerequisites that r set by ppl who we dont even know!!

Anonymous said...

I try to preach to the mediocre folks at work that there is lot of potential that they have but people are content with getting paid for what they are told to do. With even the Management turning a blind eye and all kinds of mediocre people/activities being rewarded there is no hope. I keep being accused of having higher standards. I am not giving up anyway.

Sorry for being anonymous! Can't help it.

Shankar said...

Ok..guys pls. give me the link to the interview....!!

sahitya chaitanya said...

Waging a war against mediocrity is one of the longest war ever waged. And this war can be considered won only when every man is a concept of heroic being living only for his own happiness as his moral purpose and productive achievement as his noblest activity and reason as his only absolute.