Saturday, March 07, 2009

The past week has been quite eventful. Some of the events that I would remember for a long time will be the panel discussion on the Power of Media at Ethiraj College. The Panelists were Ms Latha Rajiv Menon, Mr Vijay (director), Mr Siddharth of Mitrra Media, Mr Joseph (Photographer), Mr Sunil (VP News Jaya TV) and moi. The moderator was Mr Gnani. Though the discussion was conducted and was open only to the students of the Viscom dept it was one helluva experience.
I was also at a special preview organized by Mehta Jewellery for a special collection called Mishti and was invited to have a look and give my views to the press as well, at a special do. Also with me were Ms Nina Reddy, Ms Minnie Menon and Paloma. I was asked to wear the jewellery and pose with it as well. I liked the way one of the designers in the team presented their work, titled Marigold and Tree of Life. I found it very sincere and the detailing and effort commendable. Pictures of the jewellery can be found at Galatta's website
This morning found me at the Head Post Office. I was invited as a guest for their Women's Day events. The best thing about that trip was I finally did something I have been putting off for ages. Got signed up as a philatelist. Also made sure that I would get the stamps released in 2007 and 2008. But apparently it would not be possible to source the ones released in the previous years. I have been a partially lackadaisical philatelist. Every letter that came home would definitely have the stamp cut out. Or I would do the same if I were travelling as ask the people I knew if they would need the stamps in their mail. I have a few albums and I have been collecting coins and commemorative spoons as well. Yes. There are commemorative spoons. I saw an entire collection with a family that I visited in South Africa when I went there to perform. I forgot whether it was in Jo'burg or Durban. This gentleman had the spoons released by Britain with the pictures of the entire royal family. From then on I started collecting those too, though I must admit that I have not made much headway there.
This evening was spent at Ethiraj again but as jury for the Mr and Ms Chennai Times contest. I shared the jury space with the Editor of Chennai Times Mr Thomas Edison, Ms Kokila and THE Madhavan.
Quite a display of talent and was pretty thoroughly impressed by the way the winner of the title danced. I guess protocol requires that I do not mention who the winners are until the TOI carries it first. So I shall adhere to that.
Tomorrow, being Women's day I have a concert in the evening at Music Academy so have been working for that too. Maybe for one of the first times, I saw posters for an event that I was being a part of in the entire city.
Srilekha Parthasarathy and Mahathi would also be part of this concert. God willing the concert will go well.


Badri said...

gud luc for your concert tomorrow...! It wud def go on welll.... :-)

Sundarrajan said...

Hope ur schedule is packed for the day...n yup, collecting stamps, coins,commemorative spoons are also shares as a knowledge tool.
Gr8 work...go ahead, n after some point don't forget to exhibit those..

All the best for tomo...prg...

A warm Women's day wishes...

Kumar said...

last post feb 27 next post mar 07...

I think you have your hands full

Trust me i visted ur blog every day and hece the post -:(

Sweth~ said...

hi chinmayi...

Great to know that u've been upto so many things!!!.. Kudos!!! :)

All the best for today;s concert. I am sure u would ROCK,as usual!!!


Raymond said...

hope everything goes well to you

MuSiC SoUl said...

Good Luck For Your Concert..:)..

Vicky said...

Ha ha :) another hobby.. This one is very interesting.. I saw the posters as well but i donno whether that is a ticket show or not.. Can you confirm akka pls???

Maha said...

A very Happy Woman's day akkaa.. :-)


Anonymous said...

Happy Women's Day!!

Wishing you a day that's just like you......really special and inspirational!!


S.Kumar said...

Hi Chinmayi,
I heard that you did appear as a celebrety judge in Amrita TV? Can I get a youtube link to that?
If you appear in TV as an anchor or as a judge, please do inform us by a posting.


SHAN said...

Dear chinmaye,

Is there any TV show your going host in near future ?

We all are waiting to see you agian

Jayamurugan said...

Hi Chinmayi,
Hope the concert went well..
How many songs u sung? Have u sung songs in other languages as well?

Anonymous said...

Hey Chinmayi.
This is Anand from Syracuse, NY. I am pursuing my Masters here. Nanum chennai vasi dan. padikarthukaga vanden NY ku. I listen to your RJing and songs every night (my nights and your mornings). Thanks for the enchanting voice, updates from chennai and also several sensible/incredible things that you are upto. I am a big fan of your songs and also a big fan of Airtel SS till you hosted it. I believe that you had an awesome women's day. Belated wishes. Yesterday happened to be my mom's bday as well. good luck for your future. Hope is up and running soon. i would love to listen to your voice again.

I am regular reader of your blog. so will stay in touch. adios! ciao!

ramya said...

hi how was the concert miss multimedia

Anonymous said...

Hi Chinmayi,

I was expecting ur post on the Veals billabong school festival... I was there as my kid is studying there.

Why don't u post ur thoughts? :-)



vidhya said...


Ideally I should not be sending this as a comment - Should have mailed you.

Am watching todays telecast of super singer. Just listened to Rahinisri's Ellam inbamayam song - man, what a rendering - wont match the 'singaravelane ' that you did in Sapthaswarangal, but it was almost there!

People who commented on your blog about her proceeding to the next rounds would have been put to shame.

And another question that comes to my mind - are you going to be part of Super singer junior?

I'm a big fan of this program and I terribly miss you as the DJ of this!

Padmini G said...

Well done. Your hands are always full, and you always execute your tasks well. How do you manage it? Any tips?

Anonymous said...

hi chinmayi, why u did'nt host the ASS show in vijay tv.. it's a big surprise for me.. u really rock in tat show.. can i know d reason?